Organizational coaching

People make organizations.

High performing organizations have succession plans to ensure a bright future and develop their executives and high potential talent for subsequent roles.

Coaching provides critical, individualized development for emerging leaders in your organization. While tied to key organizational goals, coaching connects people to their own values and purpose and enables them to grow and lead with authenticity.

Coaching and Related Services Include:

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    High potential / performance coaching

    Individualized coaching plans tied to two or more organizational goals, as well as at least one personal goal.

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    New leader assimilations

    Team facilitation designed to get new leaders and teams introduced to each other in an inclusive, engaged process that leads to quicker productivity.

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    On-boarding for leaders

    Process, methods and coaching designed to quickly optimize the effectiveness of leaders in new roles / organizations.

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    Team alignment / organizational effectiveness

    Sessions and tools designed to enhance team effectiveness and achieve greater outcomes.

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    Integrating Executive Coaching in Your Organization

    Consulting and process for developing a coaching culture in your organization.

*Various individual and/or team assessments may be included in specific assignments or projects, depending on the expressed organizational outcomes desired.

Some of the Reasons Organizations Use Coaches and the Benefits Realized:

  • Accelerate Talent Development
  • Increase Organizational Effectiveness
  • Develop Leaders and Key Talent

  • Achieve Organizational Goals
  • Improve Employee Engagement and Innovation
  • Retain Top Talent

Coaching helps clients gain new and different perspectives on how to view obstacles and how to move forward with actions and choices that resonate with their values and purpose.

To find out more about how Organizational Coaching can benefit your team, contact Lance Hazzard for a free 30-minute consultation at 612.810.7781 or [email protected].

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“You make me think hard for answers. On several occasions, I have had to analyze my character or reflect on deep thoughts I rarely confront. So, personally, the experience has been challenging. At the same time, the sessions have been comforting in the sense that it is easy to open up – despite the fact that I don’t do that with people I don’t know well – and informative in the sense of knowing more about myself and my thinking.”

From an integrated health solutions director