Executive Coaching

Leaders have tremendous responsibilities – to the organizations they lead as well as to their own personal goals, family priorities or obligations with other stakeholders. At times, dealing with all the requirements from multiple constituencies can be overwhelming.

Coaching is individualized, personal development that helps executives focus and connect to their values and purpose. Using a collaborative process, executive clients determine what is most important for them to achieve and how to best move forward to lead a more purpose-driven and fulfilling life.

Coaching empowers clients to make choices that resonate with their values and purpose by challenging them to see new perspectives, holding them accountable and championing them along the way.

The Coaching process typically runs for six months, but can be tailored to a shorter period, such as three months, or a longer period, for a year or more.  Based on the desires of the client and organization, assessments may be used to help provide more objective information to the client. Team-based components also can be added to attain greater alignment and to achieve organizational objectives.

Coaching is becoming a highly appreciated and much sought-after development area for executives. Oppnå® coach Lance Hazzard delivers a coaching experience that is both pragmatic and powerful.

To find out more about how Executive Coaching can benefit you, contact Lance Hazzard for a free 30-minute consultation at 612.810.7781 or [email protected].

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“I appreciate the coaching “questions” and guidance paired so nicely with your professional expertise. I am learning a lot from both techniques and perspectives. I also appreciate that you challenge me and very quickly pick-up on any inconsistencies.”

From a business director