Build a powerful coaching culture

Great leaders are often shaped by great coaching. Accelerating Leadership is a playbook for your organization to build an amazing coaching culture and develop a pipeline of future great leaders!

Accelerating Leadership

How to Integrate Executive Coaching in Your Organization

A guide for organizations that want to help their leaders develop faster, go farther, and achieve better results.​ In this book, you’ll learn how to build executive coaching that works as a catalyst for your organization’s leadership development efforts.

What people are saying

“What’s refreshing about Lance and Eric’s work here is their ability to articulate the value of coaching in specific business terms. Their case studies are vivid and ends-directed. Their examples appropriately respect and honor the role of both the internal and external coaches. What I really like about their message—the internal coaches need to be equally as accountable for producing measurable ROI as the external coaches are.”

Paul Batz, Executive Coach
CEO and Founder, Good Leadership Enterprises | Author of How Goodness Pays

“Lance and Eric have done a masterful job identifying  and addressing one of the biggest gaps in the world of executive coaching, which is the critical role that the executive sponsor and HR can play in ensuring that the coaching investment yields a powerful ROI.

This book is packed with incredible insights from two outstanding executive coaches and they have creatively supplemented their insights with research, practical tips and strategies, models and a compelling call-to-action for organizations and coaches.”

John Mattone, CEO John Mattone – Global Inc.
#1 Authority on Intelligent Leadership and World’s Top Executive Coach

“An important primer on how to make the most of executive coaching – especially intended for those inside organizations, such as HR or the boss of the coaching client.  Will help any organization further its best practice use of executive coaches.  Just the right size book for any busy leader too!”

Brian O. Underhill, Ph.D, PCC
Founder and CEO, CoachSource

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